We are excited to launch the Paradise Now NFTs in 2023 and hope that they will provide a new way for people to appreciate the Paradise Now series.

Learn more about Paradise Now NFTs in our overview.

Celestial Celebration

Abstraction #PN 69-22

Season 3 / 2022

Price: 0.12 Ξ

„Paradise Now“ is a collection of 323 digital 1:1 paintings of artworks by Swiss artist duo Admir Jahic and Comenius Roethlisberger.

The „Paradise Now Abstractions“ NFTs are based on photographs of the physical „Paradise Now“ paintings. Each NFT refers to a specific physical painting as its counterpart.

Our way of working is similar to digital archaeology. We use its tools to uncover hidden details in physical paintings. By using different filters and color modes, we expanded the layers of the digital works. This approach allows us to highlight existing structures that are not initially visible to the human eye in the physical paintings.

Each painting has a unique title generated with Chat GPT-4.

This collection is in the public domain under a cc0 license. As our NFTs are high resolution, you are free to print your NFT yourself. For each first print, you will receive a physically signed certificate upon request. We offer to print your NFT according to our ideas as well as to frame it. Feel free to contact us.